Tuesday, June 4, 2013

LOVE the Pacific Northwest!!

Spending the second week in Seattle with my daughter. 
Awesome update since last blogged.....God has seen her thru her pregnancy and we are at the end of the prenancy adventure and about to embark on the baby adventure of this journey!!! Soooo excited!! She was airlifted a few weeks ago from home to Seattle-but all is well.  She just has to remain here the last 6 weeks of her pregnancy, so several of us have been taking turns staying with her as her husband can only come on weekends til school is out. I have been priviledged to go to a couple of her appointments....got to see the ultra sound...and a 3D ultra sound.  Grandbaby was playing with her toes and putting her fingers in her mouth! Very awesome to be a part of this journey.  C-section scheduled for the 19th of June-if she makes it that far!

Seattle is so beautiful right now....the flowers are gorgeous and weather has been great...not much rain since I have been here but have enjoyed cloudy/sunny days!  Love living in the Pacific Northwest.  Such a variety of landscape and weather!  Thankful this is where my family landed in the 50's!!

Still working on my goals...and making great progress in each.  Some slower than others but I am not in a hurry, so all is well!!  One goal I set for myself was to lose weight this year..I procastinated  and procastinated.  Wanted to lose but wasn't willing to take that initial step forward.  Finally with a HUGE push from my son-in-law, I was pretty much shoved off the edge and began that journey of my life!!  That was in the beginning of March...have lost 50 pounds so far!  Feel sooo much better and looking forward to seeing the goal accomplished...with a new life style of eating habits!!!  Only want to go forward...do NOT want to see those pounds ever again!!

I am ever so greatful for all God has seen our family thru ...many have been praying for our daughter, her family and this new little one about to come into our life.  Much heartfelt thanks to each of you for your continued prayerful supplications to our Lord! All glory to Him!!!

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