Tuesday, June 4, 2013

LOVE the Pacific Northwest!!

Spending the second week in Seattle with my daughter. 
Awesome update since last blogged.....God has seen her thru her pregnancy and we are at the end of the prenancy adventure and about to embark on the baby adventure of this journey!!! Soooo excited!! She was airlifted a few weeks ago from home to Seattle-but all is well.  She just has to remain here the last 6 weeks of her pregnancy, so several of us have been taking turns staying with her as her husband can only come on weekends til school is out. I have been priviledged to go to a couple of her appointments....got to see the ultra sound...and a 3D ultra sound.  Grandbaby was playing with her toes and putting her fingers in her mouth! Very awesome to be a part of this journey.  C-section scheduled for the 19th of June-if she makes it that far!

Seattle is so beautiful right now....the flowers are gorgeous and weather has been great...not much rain since I have been here but have enjoyed cloudy/sunny days!  Love living in the Pacific Northwest.  Such a variety of landscape and weather!  Thankful this is where my family landed in the 50's!!

Still working on my goals...and making great progress in each.  Some slower than others but I am not in a hurry, so all is well!!  One goal I set for myself was to lose weight this year..I procastinated  and procastinated.  Wanted to lose but wasn't willing to take that initial step forward.  Finally with a HUGE push from my son-in-law, I was pretty much shoved off the edge and began that journey of my life!!  That was in the beginning of March...have lost 50 pounds so far!  Feel sooo much better and looking forward to seeing the goal accomplished...with a new life style of eating habits!!!  Only want to go forward...do NOT want to see those pounds ever again!!

I am ever so greatful for all God has seen our family thru ...many have been praying for our daughter, her family and this new little one about to come into our life.  Much heartfelt thanks to each of you for your continued prayerful supplications to our Lord! All glory to Him!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February 2013

Happy New Year....a bit late but non-the-less...may God bless you in this year ahead.  My goal setting last year went really well!!Continuing on in the card making/sending goal...continues to be fun both to make & let someone know we are thinking of them.  My other goals have gone really well also-other than my blogging monthly...not accomplished to the end yet, but all works in progress!! My "secret" goal also is moving forward!!

We are expecting a grandchild....a precious little girl! Our daughter is expecting again after experiencing many losses, and she is almost 24 weeks along!  God has kept His hand upon both mommy & baby-things are progressing along very well!. Lisa needed surgery a few weeks ago to keep little Amarisa Marie hidden away as snug as a bug til the time is right to make her appearance!  All is going great.  We are continuing to pray she stays put as long as possible.  She is healthy & growing as drs want. She is due in June!  God is great! 

Oh how I appreciate running water and sewer sytems!!!!  Our septic tank quit working last weekend...how quickly we take things for granted until something does not work right.  Flooding floors, backed -up tubs, a yard all dug up and small amounts of water to be used until working again. Fortunately, after pumping, STILL not working and snaking out the lines, we are back to normal. Well, almost!!!  The tank is very old and has a super large lid-which fell in.  So this weekend my sweet hubby will be trying to pull that out and close up the gaping hole! He has three projects now going in the yard.  All of which involve large, long gaping holes in our pretty yard! The grass WILL grow again!!

Spring has sprung early for us this year.  Flowers, weeds, roses are sprouting, budding & blooming.  Way too early for us in this area.....worried about my flowering trees and the fruit trees in our area.  Too early to bud out for sure! "Yard work break" is coming to a grinding halt!  Happy Spring everyone!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Surprise...I thought a WHOLE year had passed since I last blogged...I managed to write twice this year now!!   Still not sure how time can seriously pass by so fast!

Last December I set a goal for myself....to send Birthday & Anniversary greetings to all brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, neices, nephews that I have dates for....some of which I have had to do a bit of search & rescue to obtain!!  I have managed to make it thru November 2012 and soon to be on December!!  I have great enjoyment creating the cards instead of buying them!  Not super professional looking but have definitely improved since beginning this project!!  Thank goodness for pintrest and new ideas to help me expand on or borrow an idea!

My next goal was to begin reading the Bible from begining to end in a year.  I did not set that goal until later in the year so have not accomplished that goal as of yet...and it is going slower than planned!!  I am loving re-reading the stories I learned as a child...and discovering new things God has in mind for me to learn along the way!!

I have now decided to set myself yet another goal...to write at least once a month on my blog...we shall see how I do there!!  I totally love reading my sister and several neices blogs...seeing what the great neices & nephews are doing and the wonderfully cute things they say and do-pictures are awesome!  Even if we do not talk often, this keeps me up with their growing little people!! 

This has been the year of goal setting for me personally-maybe not big or important to anyone else, but myself.

I have yet another goal in mind but not ready to share it yet!!  You will have to stay tuned!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

First Day of Spring!

Tomorrow is the First Day of Spring!!!!!   WOW!!  I have not posted since the first day of FALL!!!!!  Time flies when we are having fun!!!  First day of spring...our 41st anniversary!!!  What a loving God we have...I am sooo thankful for the husband He has blessed my life with. LOVE this man so much! Looking forward to many more blessed years together!! Time to clean up the yard...flowers are peeking thru the dead leaves!!!  Heather, pansies, crocus are already in bloom.  Daffodils and tulips are not far behind. Still pretty chilly out yet...a few  days in 60s but not many yet!  LOTS of wind...just about every day since the end of February has been windy. Ready for some gentle, warm breezes!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

First Day of Fall

Ready for a break from the summer weeding but so no ready to give up our flowers yet!!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day Cruise on Lake Washington

A day on Lake Washington with good friends.....the Horns, the Dunns, and the Towers. Once again was a wonderful day of cruising on the water....what a time of peacefulness!!! We all brought food and had a delicious meal & great snacks/desserts!! Jim even let Gary pilot the yacht!! He loved it and we hassled him some!!

"self-protrait"-near University of Washington....Husky Stadium in background.
Beautiful scenery, gorgeous homes....a couple of homes we passed were the home of Bill Gates, Paul Allen and the floating house on the movie of "Sleepless In Seattle". Passed by the Seahawks training camp also!

"The gang"...Joyce, Susan, Jim, Carol, Deb, Gary, & Earl-Jim was taking the picture! Had a wonderful salmon dinner prepared by Susan!
End of the day....Lake Union heading to the dock. Great day!!!!!

Sweet Sixteen, Hannah!!!!!

Celebrating our grandaughter, Hannah's 16th birthday!! And what a celebration it was!! She had a wonderful time!! Family & friends came to help celebrate-all had a great time!! An evening of fun, food, dancing ....just plain fun partying!! Your friends are awesome!! Can hardly believe 16 years have gone by so very quickly!! We are so very proud of you, Hannah....it is a blessing and priviledge to be your grandparents!! We are thankful God allowed us to have you as our grandaughter. Happy Birthday...we love you!!

Begninng of Fall!!!!

Cannot believe I have not blogged since March!!!! What a sizzlin' summer....and I am NOT talking about the temperature!!!! This was one of the coolest summers we have had in a long time. Seldom used the airconditioner!!! The sizzlin' had to do with grillin' & gatherin' at the Chandler household every weekend!!! Loved it!! Fall.....my favorite season of the year!! I love my flowers-so thankful God blessed us with His colorful handiwork in flowers- but really love fall!! These pictures were taken the first day of fall....won't be long and they will freeze & wilt, looking horrible. That will be a sad day!!! Last year they lasted thru the 1st of November....maybe they will again this year?!?! Can always hope!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


My heart aches for my daughter and her husband......wanting a baby so very much and miscarrying over and over again is extremely heart wrenching. It is a helpless feeling of wanting to "fix things" for them but knowing I cannot do so......so I offer the best I can.....praying for the healing of their hearts & Gods perfect peace to surround them as they once again walk this difficult path. I continue to claim, Jeremiah 29:11.....His plans ARE for good and not for evil. We do not understand His ways but can trust He does know best for us even when we cannot understand and feel life is just not fair. This has not been a month of good news....another family friend has learned he has cancer and must endure 6 weeks of daily chemo & radiation. We lift them up also to the throne of our Heavenly father , the great Healer. In the midst of the difficult times.....we learn that Derrek has been matched with 40.....not 1 but 40 donars for bone marrow!!!! Miracles DO happen!!!! The process continues and soon he will be in Seattle for the transplant!! What an amazing community we have....Lisa & Sandy put together a fund raiser-almost 600 turned out, raising close to $30,000 for the Beaches! We can only give HIM the glory!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Answered Prayer

Answered prayer.......our friend Derek is in remission!!!!!! He will need to go thru another "round" of chemo to help keep him there and very soon have a bone marrow transplant. Now we need to pray for a match!! We are so grateful.....thank you, Lord for your healing hand and great mercy!!